• Our Factory



     》》 Granite Block Cutter

    This is the equiment to cut stone blocks into small pieces (slabs), which thickness can be 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm etc.


    》》 Automatic Polishing Machine

    All small slabs are sawn cut surface which is rough and mat when they are unload from block cutters.

    And thhis is the equiment to polish rough slabs, each slab will come through 7 polishing pads process, #50>#200>#400>#500>#800>#1500, the last process is soft pad to enchance the polishing degree.

    Before (Rough Slabs) After (Polished Slabs)


    》》 CNC Stone Cutting Machine
    Total our factory owes three set of CNC(Computerized Numerical Control) stone cutting machines, edge cutting tolerance is witin +/-0.5mm, which is up to the international standard.


     》》 Workshop  

    This is the dry area for countertop production.

    First workers will review the shop drawings carefully, check the slab size then mark the countertops where to do sink cutout, faucet holes, scres holes etc.

    This is the steel reinforcement in backside of countertops.

    If no steel reinforcements, there will be more chances that countertops break in sink cutout position during production, transportation and installation.


    This is wet area where workers do the most important process -- polishing edges that machines can not do.

    1 meter need workers polish 6 times, means they have to change 6 different code of polishing pad to finish the edge well.