Attractive Products in 2018 Shuitou International Stone Fair


The curtain of 19th China Shuitou International Stone Fair falls on 11 Nov. 2018. From official statistics, there will be more than 100 thousands of visitors come here.

But what I truly feel is opposite, visitors and exhibitors are becoming less since these three years and this year is a cliff drop. As one of yearly visitors, that's what I see and feel.

It's not difficult to find out the reason. Global economy depress and the chain reaction is trade war launched by Donald Trump.

China economic transformation calls for environmental protection. As a result, many domestic quarry are shutting down. First is from Fujian province, now the hot sell stone products

G603, G654, G664, G687, G635 G636 etc are gone. Then many inland provinces are shutting down environment polluting industries, stone quarries are shutting down continuously.

Even though the whole market is in depression, there are some new stone products come to the fore and leading the stone industry into new field.

As I can see, customization is the trend. Now let's welcome and see what are these new stone products.


 Granite Countertop Material: White Persa  Marble Tile Material: Tesla White
 Background Wall Tile: Landscaping Purple  Azul Infinito Marble: New Blue Color
 Background Wall Tile: Azul Macaubas  Water Jet Beauty
 Background Onyx Wall Tile: Bubble Onyx  Water Jet: Fortune Tree
 Onyx Table: Light Through Available  Art Craft: White Wood Marble
 Travertine and Resin Table  Art Craft: Calacatta White Marble
 Granite Resin Table  Other Marble Art Craft
 Semi-Precious Stone and Resin Table  Art Craft: Staturio White Marble
 Chinese Style: Green Onyx Screen and Table  Designed for Private Mansion
 Honey Onyx Crate: Sell Price usd$250,000  Roman Wooden Grain Marble: Clear Veins, Fresh Color
 Light Through Stone Wall Decoration  White Wooden Onyx: Born for High-End
 Made of Natural Stone: Light Through  Hanging System for Wall Cladding