19th China SHUITOU International Stone Fair


The opening ceremony of 19th China (Nan'an) Shuitou International Stone Fair is helding on 8th Nov.2018


Mayor Rongzhong Lin is the host of opening ceremony. According to his introduction, this session's topic line is "HEART•BIRTH", and

adhere to four themes " GREEN, ART, FUSION, INNOVATION". With the guidance of industry improvement and city quality improvement,

the stone fair is sailing to an interactive and brand new field.

In the follwing 4 days, 1 main exhibition area, 10 resident exhibition area, 25661 booth stand, dozens of professional forum,hundreds

of design masters, over 100 thousands of visitors will witness the stone fair's splendidness and busyness.



                                   Mayor Rongzhong Lin

                             Nan'an municipal party secretary
                          President of Turkey IMIB association
                                        The opening ceremony