Why Choose Natural Granite Kitchen Countertop ?



   ☆  It is hard
 ☆  It is durable
 ☆  It doesn’t absorb water
 ☆ It just need almost free maintenance
 ☆ You can easy to clean the oil
 ☆ You can use the countertop more than 10 years etc….

What does your dreaming kitchen look like ?

Have you ever asked yourself ?

Yes, I do


First of all, this is an original article, no copy. I write what I am thinking of when typing, is a combination of my work experience, my understanding of stone and the sigh of time fly.


When I was young and just graduated from university in the year 2011, I chose to work at a stone company, name is Fulei stone. That year I was 21, Every day I saw quarry stones were unloaded from truck then several days later they would be cut into slabs. At that time, Chinese stone sell hot, G654 granite, G603 granite were sold all over the world. They are too much cheap, can you believe they are just usd$10/sqm that time ? But I am green hands, everything about stone is fresh, I didn’t have any sale though 3 month passed away.

One day, I stand at roof balcony, Michelle came and asked a question. Have you ever counted how many trucks passed by factory in one minute ? I said no ,she told me around 100 trucks. Oh my god, I didn’t believe that, but truth is she is right, I counted 96 trucks passed by. But now, the quarries have been closed down for 3 years. Worse is Donald Trump launches trade war with China, there are still many trucks on the road, but not hurry, I guess 50 number at most, who cares !

Comes into the year 2015, I have my own company and share holder of a countertop factory, now I can do what I am good at and focus on granite countertop.


At the beginning of this chapter, I asked the ones who are reading this article what does your dreaming kitchen look like ? I imagined many times as this house is my first property which I am working hard for 5 years then get. Having considered Carrara White Marble, Santa Cecilia Granite, Absolute Black Granite, Black Galaxy Granite even the expensive natural Quartizite etc, there are so many choices, is so difficult to make a decision. At last, things have a result.

For kitchen countertop, I choose to use butterfly blue granite. Reason is this material is so hard.

On the year 2016, we get a bulk order from customer and the countertop material for more than 600 rooms is butterfly blue granite. When cutting stone blocks, we found block cutting machine have to use  extra 1/3 more time compared with other granite material. Another thing is workers have to change drill broach frequently, because butterfly blue granite is very hard and is very slow when we are working on this material.


In Kitchen, you have to face the problem of cooking fumes, oil, dust, wastewater, daily maintenance and the knife you are using.

Well, butterfly blue granite are easily to deal with these problems.

It is hard

It is durable

It doesn’t absorb water

It just need almost free maintenance

You can easy to clean the oil

You can use the countertop more than 10 years etc….


I think till now the article is a little bit long, I am writing tired and you may reading tired, time to say closing words.


It is good to use natural granite for your kitchen countertop, for bathroom vanity, marble is a good choice, they are beautiful.