New Product

The Beauty of Stone


This is the marketing center of Shancheng City in Chongqing, China, which is surrounded by lots of mountains. The design is inspired by it's geographic environment and theme is "Mountain".

Designers use many triangle in floor and wall to build a tridimensional room, reflect  the unique natural feature of local geography.


Another distinct place is the LED lighting. The front reception is designed by irregular shape and clean-cut. With the triangle background wall, it creates atmosphere of hard and stiff.

While the pendent lighting makes people feel comfort and natural, like the rainning in mountain, this makes harmony on the whole.

Floor tile is different color of grey marble which is randomly chosen when installed. Contrastly, the background  is same one color.

When you see the reception carefully, you will find each is different, is this telling us that even a little stone will also have its character and story ?

These are the mountain shape made of different color of grey marble, the refraction are telling us differnt aspects of natural mountain.Walk through slowly and feel the time.